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hey, I fanarted since my art has improved a lot since when I first made up Cloudia (this is TheLazyBrony, I changed my url obviously), hope you like it!

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We are now live! do a small show and then stream a movie or 2 afterwards.

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Welcome to the Cloudsdale Cafe where we talk about nothing and take years to upload a new episode. Enjoy :) this episode we interview with the mod of she is so awesome and fun we had a great time talk to her so make sure to give her a follow and check her out and check us out at .

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So Deathscythe, is cherrypie your meister?
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((Ooooh! Who did you interview? Was it my dog? I bet it was my dog!))
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omg how did you know :P  well you will find out soon as we upload the interview 

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We answer some questions from our tumblr, thanks a lot everybody for these questions and we hope to see more next week.

The music used on the intro: Maud n’ Pinkie (Ploxy)

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Yea, you know the drill….

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Cinn & Jon talked more about Fallout 3. This time they focus on Liberty Prime, a huge pre-war Robot, rebuilt by the Brotherhood of Steel! ain’t that cool :D

The music at the end: Mother 3 Music,a extended version of the Porky bots Boss theme.

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This is a short Preview of our upcoming project! This is Jon and Cinn talking about they’re experience in the Fall Out games.

More Clips coming soon…hehehehe :U


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Welcome to CloudsDale Cafe, Foreskie! Whats your problem!?

This weeks episode we dont have any guest, its just us guys you know!? Talking about what,foreskie,Scientology, ECCO THE DOLPHIN and more~~~

Be sure to tune in for more stupid random talks, we will get a guest or kidnap one sometime in the future, till then have fun! 

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This week’s Cast:
Ragin Pinkie Pie
Cinnamon Top 
Silver Blaze

My Little Pony brand belongs to Hasbro
All art and Music shown in the livestream belongs to there respective owners (there’s seriously too many artists to list haha)

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my literal reaction to this question from cloudsdale-cafe

answer: Yes. I would love to!

Ye :y

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Hey there everyone at the Cloudsdale Cafe, Happy Valentines day! I just wanted to let you know that I value you as a true friend. You rock, and I really wanted to make a valentine for you. until my next post, see ya!
~Kevin (Toxxic)

AAAWWW thank you Toxxic sorry for being a few days late with the post but we  love it and love you :3

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Hey guys Jon and Cinn here, giving you guys the first update in over months of hiatus!

I know its not much but it should get you up to speed of what happen’d during these past few months :I

If you wanna send a complaint head on over to these sexy links!

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Just another day with the Cloudsdale Cafe

  1. Ragin: your a bunch of fags and i love u for it
  2. SilverBlaze: Oh man... That's a relief. I thought we were humans. I'm so glad we've established that we're all bundles of sticks
  3. Ragin: what
  4. SilverBlaze: How should I know, I'm a bundle of sticks
  5. SilverBlaze: also known as a fag
  6. Ragin: -___-
  7. SilverBlaze: *puts on shades*
  8. SilverBlaze: B1
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Whose More awesome, you or you?
hadorian asked

if your talking to Ragin (which you are ;) ) i am always awesome dont forget it either